Hot Chocolate kind of day

It rained all night… a lover of hearing the pitter patter of rain on the roof of my RV – I managed to sleep in this morning. Wow!  The rain briefly stopped this morning, then it picked back up. The clouds are low, a drip drip of water down all the windows, yet I can not hear it rain at the moment.  Its a hot chocolate kind of day!  I have a steaming mug of hot chocolate in my hands.  Warms one up nicely, thank you. Tucker is racing from one window to the next – must be a rabbit or that gray squirrel or perhaps one of the feral cats that habitats here. Norm is buried under the blankets upstairs, which is his norm on a day like today.

So Thanksgiving is fast approaching. I was going to spend the day here at Park Sierra SKP, after all, who would pass up a feast made by honest-to-goodness chefs and only $3 and one side dish from me. Well… I guess it is me that will miss this opportunity. I’ve been invited to share this day with my cousins that live here in Fresno.  I wish my cousin was still with the living, but it will be a joy to see his wife and his two sons. It kind of like – coming full circle. As a child, my family frequently spent the Thanksgiving either in Anoka, or St. Paul.  Many, many fond memories were formed over the Thanksgiving times. I can still visualize the houses, the rooms where I would sleep, watching the Macy’s day parade, tobagganing down the slope across the street, the winters, the football games, the women in the kitchen and the men around the TV. Men peeling potatoes and carving the turkey. Lots of laughter, lots of teasing, card playing, just fun fun times. I can even remember getting snowed in…

So as I sip my now not-so steamy cup of chocolate, it was fun to get lost in the memories of Thanksgivings past. Time to go heat up the water for another cup of chocolate!

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