Park Sierra SKP

Area behind rig, in front of shed

Instead of adding these photos to the last post, decided to start a new post. So 2 in one day – so enjoy!

These are images of my space at Park Sierra SKP, just south of Coarsegold, CA. Each lot is entirely different. It is quite hilly, nothing is really flat. Landscaping is awesome! All work is done by volunteers.  Folks use golf carts to get around the park. And lots of wildlife!

This is next to shed, behind my rig

Lower part of hill next to my rig

You can see another RV at top.

Acorns galore!

 There’s a tree in this park, an oak tree no less, that the woodpeckers have filled every nook and cranny of the bark with acorns. Its the only tree that they’ve done that to.

Looking up from my space

The birds are loving these red berries!

This is loaded with bees!

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