Good morning

It is a fine cool morning today. The sky is clear, sun is just coming up over the foothills, the birds are singing, the rabbits are hopping, the big gray squirrels are flirting with my cats on Bird TV.  This is the best entertainment!  The viewing pleasure of my boys was enhanced yesterday when I washed the windows inside. Funny thing…it just doesn’t appear to be a window there, as Tucker smashes into the window to get that next bird. He bounces off with a surprise look on his face, looks at me, sniffs the glass and continues… What a riot!  Norm is tucked in upstairs, under the covers, with his head out watching the antics of the birds and the squirrels.  And folks, this is my typical morning.

I just turned on the water heater, so I can take a shower this morning. So am sipping my Market Spice tea, reading emails and just decided to write to the blog.  Last evening, I had a nice long chat with Kathy, who lives in Fresno. Haven’t seen them since the late 90’s.  We are going to try to get together while I’m in her neck of the woods. Not sure if I will be lucky enough to see the boys – as they are now all grown up since this Tickle Monster (I’m the official Tickle Monster) last saw them.  To even mention the words Tickle Monster brings smiles.  For years, as we traveled with the military, I got real good distracting all our friends (& family) kids with tickles. I would, on occasion, get sent to a corner for a time out – of course the kids thought this was awesome. So having watched all these kids grow up from infancy to adults is pretty amazing, that all I have to do is point a finger at them and the giggles erupt.  It was my best job in the whole wide world!  What fun memories.

Not sure what is planned today, but that’s ok too. Tomorrow, I’m taking the shuttle bus up to Coarsegold to see how this process works. Might pick up a few groceries, but it more to just see how its done, as next week – hopefully, my mail will have arrived.

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