Life on the road…

The day I left Johoba Hills SKP was quite the adventure, but not one I had expected. Left at 7am as planned, no issue there. Made steady, but good time thru points north via I-215/I-15 to Hwy 395, to Hwy 58, to Hwy 99.  Actually quite uneventful, except for the smell coming from the back of my rig. The litter box is back between the sofas when I’m driving (normally is right between front seats).  I had only seen one rest area and I missed it, so when I came to the one just south of Tulare, I stopped. I needed a good stretch, get a bite to eat and study the map once again. Well… not exactly how that turned out. I found 2 sick cats… diarrhea, vomiting, listlessness.  Dang.  I cleaned all that I found, gave my cats some water and sat with them. After about 30 minutes, they started stirring.  What happened?  I started the new food. Had given the dry food the previous day without issue, but that travel day, I had started the wet cat food. Well, I think I gave them way too much.  I went for a walk around the rest area and to dump the mess. When I came back into the rig, that sour smell of vomit just permeated the air. I searched hi and lo and couldn’t find anything more. Of course, the longer I was in the rig, the less I smelled it.  The cats were hanging back from entering the kitchen area, odd.  Looked around, didn’t see anything.  This was beginning to bug me.  So took a flashlight and looked up vs down. I looked all over the bed above the cab. Saw nothing.  So at this point, I decided to just park it for the night here at the rest area. I had arrived by 2p, had planned to find a truck stop vs a rest area to stay the night, but unable to track the smell in my rig, I stayed put and aired out the rig for the day.

Went about the afternoon, feet propped up, glass of iced tea and reading my Kindle. A murder mystery. Cats curled up around me. Nice relaxing time.  The temp was a decent 72º with a breeze.  Fixed a salad for dinner, read some more and watched the people coming and going. Got ready for bed, climbed up and there… on my shoulder pillow – it was covered in vomit. Oh gag…. pulled it down, started cleaning that up.  Why didn’t I see that when I used the flashlight?  Anyway, the cats had stayed clear of the overhead all day – I should have known something was up. Climbed back up to bed and… yes, you guessed it… more vomit.  There at the back, far reach of the platform, it covered all layers of my Lazy Daze Kozy Komforter, Denali blanket and sheets. Damn…  Pulled everything down, cleaned what I could of the bed linens and stuffed this all into trash bags. Scrubbed the platform good too. And left it to dry. I dug out flannel sheets, and a knitted blanket and slept on the back sofa for the night – temp got down to 37º.  They got fed, that night with the old food that they do not eat and they didn’t eat this time either.

In the morning, I gave them the new food, but a whole lot less of it. Like a spoonful for each cat. All went well, they ate it up. We headed on down the road. Got into Park Sierra SKP, just south of Coarsegold without any issue. Got parked, went about visiting with Pat and getting a mini-tour, then in afternoon, got a detailed tour of the park – wow!  I am very impressed. A beautiful park!  This was two days ago. Will get pictures and post them here.

Yesterday, I was hauling 5 trash bags and the laundry basket up the road, as I’m a fair distance from the laundry room, when Lorna came by in her golf cart (all own golf carts to get around here) and gave me a lift.  That was nice. And she came and picked me up when I was all done.  The first night, Lorna & Pat fixed dinner and last night we had snacks and wine.  Unfortunately, Pat is heading out today. She will be back at the first of the year.  It was great seeing her again.

Today, I am deep cleaning my rig. It needs to be done, so it shall. If not too tired tonight, I may join Lorna and the rest for hotdogs and a movie, but time will tell.

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