Cats & packing up

If the morning finds me sleeping in, buried under the cats and my blankets, then I probably won’t be out of here at first light.  If the bladder gets me up (usually before light), then I will most likely be heading out at first light.  Either way, as long as I’m on the road by 0700, I should be fine. Of course, unless I set my alarm clock anything is possible.  These wonderful cool temps are so easy to sleep in.

Today, Sarah loaned me her car and I went off to Temecula in search of a PetSmart store.  It has been a struggle trying to find answers on why my boys are having such foul smelling stools. And they eat, but they don’t eat – that’s hard to describe. Worse than being picky, most foods they may try, but won’t eat. They are not unhealthy looking, but Tucker is far more active than Norm. I have done a fair amount of research on the internet, and I have asked friends with cats, as well.  Its highly unlikely my cats have worms or parasites, as they never go outside and no other critters come inside.  A vet tech I talked to suggested I try one of two types of foods – neither is found in grocery stores. And both are given high praise on the cat forums. So PetSmart was the closest store to me here that has this food and have sense learned Amazon carries it too. Royal Canin was one of the foods, but the selection was lousy at PetSmart, so targeted the Blue Wilderness food.  I got a bag of Indoor dry food and a selection of wet foods to try.  The dry food, was a instant love at first site. I have never seen my cats react to any food like they did when I opened this bag. I mixed a quarter cup in with there old Purina Indoor dry food – absolutely none of the new was left, but all of the Purina was. Hmmmm…. despite what they are showing me, I plan to take this slow. Last thing I need is two cats with diarrhea.  The Blue Wilderness is 100% grain free. Apparently, its grains & by products in all the other cat foods that cats are becoming allergic to or find intolerable and/or can’t digest.  If this is the answer, I find it amazing that over processed foods are affecting animals as much as it affects us humans.

I was checking the outside of my rig this afternoon and I was bummed to see something left a dent and took paint off in two places (one with the dent, the other about 3 inches away). The dent is high enough that it wouldn’t be from a small car or grocery store basket. I guess something could have hit it as I was going down the road, but this dent is on the passenger side of the rig, right over the rear duals.  Would a truck passing by do this?  Or it is the strong winds?  One will never know, but dang I hate seeing this.

I have only a few things left to do in the morning, all is put away and ready to go. It will be a couple of days before I write again.

One thought on “Cats & packing up

  1. I've been using grain free for a while now. Blue Buffalo wet flaked is loved and also I just tried some “Nutri Sourc” Pure Vita dry grain free chicken entree. He seems to like it better now than “Evo” dry turkey and chicken. Maybe it's because the bits are smaller and easier to eat.



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