Rockin’ Along…

Wow! It does rain around here and it can cool off!  I’m impressed.  As a result, the temp is 56ºF today, with the wind pretty steady is keeping the rig rocking. The gusts makes waves in my dish water. And I am enjoying the transition of colors before my eyes. The rain overnight, washed all the dirt off the plants, shrubs, tiles, etc. Such colors!  And the hills, which were boring brown before have shown an array of greens and lots of textures.  Fun to see this unfold with just a bit of rain.

I got my ears lowered today. And I’m delighted my hair grows fast!  This haircut – which cost me a mere $10, was meant for a man, not a woman. Or so I think.  Hopefully, it will improve tomorrow after I take a shower, but right now – its chopped super short. Its definitely different than what I’ve had. So will deal with it for another 6 weeks when I will get another haircut.

Night before last, spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with my friend in Albuquerque.  Boy, I needed to laugh and laugh I did as she shared her experiences on Halloween, with her Mother, searching for blankets, locking herself out of her car, etc, etc. Hilarious! And all the goodies and fun things she has discovered.  She got me out my slump with all the laughter. Cherish these phone calls from friends, just cherish the heck out of them.

Can’t reach my local friend here in the park, so think I will take a nap.  Snoring…

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