Cooling is nice…

Around 0800, as I scrambled to pull all my laundry together and head down to the machines this beautifully cool morning, I was stopped 3 times and asked if I wanted or needed a jacket. I am less than 50 feet (correction – yards, not feet) from the laundry. All I could do was smile and shake my head no.  The temp was 52ºF and a delight to behold. Gentle rain on top of the rig awakened me this morning, more out of surprise as I wasn’t expecting it. Normally, the rain pitter pattering on the roof top, lulls me to sleep.

So before the next batch of rain moved in, it got to a steaming 69ºF today. Nice…

So laundry is done and put away, I’m finishing up copying all my receipts so I can put my scanner away. Did a trash & recycle run back up the hill. Swept, then vacuumed the floors, then spot cleaned. Dishes washed and put away. Filled my fresh water tank, while listening to the neighbor pickin’ on his banjo to no tune that I can figure out. You would think I was leaving tomorrow, but I’m not.  I just got energized with these cooler temps. The cats are highly suspicious, they don’t appear to believe me when I say we aren’t leaving tomorrow. Funny cats.

The hills are lowering…ere the clouds are lowering and the hills are disappearing… sky is darkening early. More rain?  Who knows.

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