Tis crazy how the mind works some days… last night watching the election returns, I said to myself “Its too hot here (it got to 97º yesterday), so why are you sticking?” What I’ve started calling my little reality speed bumps – a reminder to myself – you are not tied to a place, a stick home or even to a group of people. I am on my own. I can go or stop at my hearts desire.  This is an amazing concept of a full-timer, but one that still trips me up 7 months into being a full-timer.  I’m definitely better than I was in the beginning, and its not so much as a learning curve as it is a re-educating ourselves. Its definitely one of the most positive influences of this lifestyle. But I think its the innate structure we set upon ourselves to “settle” somewhere – no matter if its a stick home, RV, etc.  So I’m moving on… again. Laughing here, cause I can.

I had planned to head north on the 18th of November, but now I’m heading north this Sunday.  I’ve been told it is a little easier to get around LA on Sunday afternoons – honestly, I doubt it will make much difference – there is way too much traffic for this small town kid. But there is no way around, therefore I will just push thru this.  I’m heading to Coarsegold, CA until after Thanksgiving.  This may become a new tradition for me.  I doubt I will have Alaskan King Crab and prawns, as I had for the last few years, but I’m sure something different is in store for me. Let’s bring on this new chapter!

An odd thing happened last night… I have had issue (aching pain from surgical site to the tip) with my thumb since I had carpal tunnel surgery in June. Never had a problem before, but I figure it was somehow related to the recovery process, as I still don’t have full function of this hand. Nonetheless, last night I could no longer bend it. It does not look swollen or is red in any way. The pain also went away, what’s left is an highly unnerving sensation when I bend or straighten it. Funny thing, I can manually bend it and then its stuck in that position. To unbend it, I have to get the other hand to move it.  I vaguely remember my Mom having surgery on a trigger finger that acted similar to this.  Will eventually get it checked out. Odd little things…

Today, I need to find a working printer and a fax machine.  Why doesn’t my wireless printer not work when plugged into wall and its telling me it needs to be plugged into my computer (when it never did before)???  I can’t figure it out. So its a challenge is finding someone with a working printer, then someone that can do faxes.  Then need to get refund for leaving early from here.  All these simple tasks are a challenge when living in a RV.  Something that would have been a few minutes of my time now may take most of the morning.  But as my little reality speed bumps tell me – what’s your hurry???  All in good time… all in good time…

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