As I was getting ready to leave for the Lazy Daze gathering yesterday, went to turn off a/c as I knew it would cool as soon as the sun dipped behind the hills. The temp was 105ºF.  Egads… but I went ahead an opened up the rig.  Hope the cats will do ok.

The gathering was another great, great enjoyable time!  There were 7-8 couples and 3 of us single. Delightful snacks that went right along with a fantastic conversation.  Sarah had us all in a circle, and asked us to identify ourselves, tell about our rig (age, color, floor plans, how we arrived at our purchase, etc) and then offer at least one tip. Oh my, what an amazing evening of fun learning, lots of laughter, kinship, revelations, insightfulness and new descriptions.  Laughing here about a story Sarah told of traveling in Mexico when her Banks System would completely shut down her engine – no matter where this happened (such as on a sharp curve on a cliff). It took several abrupt stops, then questions, inquires to figure out the problem – it was the Banks chip. Her descriptions of each event. It made everyone squirm in their seats. Delighted she made it home in one piece from that trip.  The same trip prompted 3 blowouts as well. Quite the trip for her!  But we all learned from it as well.

So its a quiet day and cooler if you “think” 87ºF is cooler. Hope everyone has voted.  There’s an election party tonight here at Jojoba, but doubt if I will go. I am so ready for all this political stuff to cease and desist.

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