Too Hot

It is too hot for this Alaskan person.  Outside temp right now is 102ºF. Inside was a toasty 89º until I decided to break down and turn on the air conditioner.  Dang, I am real tired of this heat, just need to figure out how to get thru the rest of the day, then we are on a downward cooling trend.  In fact, there are official alerts coming out of the National Weather station for this area for Thursday thru Saturday.

Tonight is an informal gathering of Lazy Daze folks here within Jojoba Hills SKP. There are surprising number of Lazy Daze folks in this park. So will get to meet more folks.  A couple of them, I had met up in Tokeland for the NW GTG, so will be fun to see them again.  A few other names sound familiar but don’t think I’ve met them before and the rest I’m clueless on.  I’m taking un-baked cinnamon apples. A great snack to share.

Not much to write about today…  earlier, cleaned & vacuumed, tried to replace the shower head – two things against me, I don’t have the correct tools (have 1 of them, but not two of them) and I’m not sure I have the hand strength to remove the old and put on the new.  The new shower head is an Oxygenic Shower head. It reduces the amount of water used, as well as improves the actual flow on the shower. I got the turn off & on switch, as well that will allow me to turn it off completely while showering. This will be fantastic when boon-docking, a lot of RVer’s swear by this shower head, so am anxious to try it out. But alas, need to borrow the tool and try this myself before asking for help. Time will tell.

Back to cutting up apples.

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