Blowing away…

The rig is rocking not so steadily today, with each gust of wind out of the East.  But at least the temp inside the rig is not near as hot as it is outside which is 91 degrees.  Another day of this heat and hot wind, then the forecast state a cooling trend is in the works. I will believe it when I see it. They have a forecast of snow… of all things… for Thursday night. Day time temp 50 if lucky. I say bring it on!!!!  Of course it has put the local folks in a state of shock.  So who knows what or when it may occur.

Yesterday, was a fun day exploring Home Depot.  My original purchase was to get 3″ reflective numbers for my rig. When one joins the Lazy Daze Caravan Club, your rig gets a number. Mine is 3013. I figured since I was heading to another Caravan gathering, I’d best be getting my numbers on. So that was the first item on my list and the last thing I bought that day.   We went cruising up and down the aisles. I had looked for the reflective foil stuff – heck, what is it called??? – perhaps that’s why I did not find it. Looked at bathroom faucets to get ideas but not to buy now.  Each had there own items to look for and this prompted tons of ideas for future projects.  Finally found the right velcro I’d been looking for.  I’ve been wanting to hang my awning pole next to my door, tucked between the pantry door and the door itself. Totally out of the way, but I didn’t want it to clank or bang against anything when traveling. Velcro is the solution. When we rounded a corner and woo-hoo’s erupted – decorative sheeting to go around the stove and/or sink to protect presented itself. Plastic is what we grabbed, but I seriously loved the metal ones, as one could do there own design – ridiculously expensive too.  So we looked at screws, nails, compressors, faucets, etc… fun day at Home Depot.

Did some serious grocery shopping too. It always looks like way too much at the store, but I get back home, put it all away and I still have room and I have always forgotten something. Why is that? Is that Murphy’s Law?

I decided to not stay here after the 18th… I’m heading north or west or…. Who knows where at the moment, but time will tell.  Between now and then, I signed up for classes in Line Dancing. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw they had a class.  So will start that on Wednesday morning. Can’t wait!  And I’m still looking for a pinochle card game to partake in.   So will just kick back and enjoy myself.

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