Awoke to fog swirling all around my RV, the windows were coated with heavy dew. Tucker looked at me after I opened the shades like “open the shades again Mom, I can’t see out”.  As I told him, wait for the sun to burn thru the fog. Sure enough all is clear once again.

Melinda, Pat, Barbara

I acquired a few pictures from my friend Barbara, from when we were shopping in Truckee, back in September.  Most were of my Norm, who was doing a “terminally cute” action on Barbara – it suckers folks in all the time.  But this picture, I decided to post here.  For friends and family who know me, for me to even have my picture taken is a rare day, a very rare day… to post the picture at any time is unheard of. One almost had to do it in secret. Gosh, I hate me in photos, I really never looked good, in my honest opinion. But I decided to start a new page in my life, as with everything else I’m doing. Allow photos to be taken and post them.  What a trip!

So its another day and I thought I would be all done with paying bills, straightening out finances so I could go play, but I am tangling with my storage place up in Wasilla.  I got this call that I was past due on paying for my storage and they were going to sell off my stuff if payment wasn’t received.  Problem is, I was paid up to the end of the year, next payment was due January 8th.  So had to dig out duplicate of check, find a copy/scan machine, then scan this sucker to the storage place.  I get back to my rig and I find an email that the image didn’t come thru clear. What? Oh… and they tell me that if I don’t pay by the end of the day (that was Wednesday!) they were selling my stuff. They NOW know who they are dealing with….  I can be a very diplomatic bitch on wheels when I need to be… dang this just pisses me off when companies do this – moving companies in particular.  So I spent a better part of yesterday making new arrangements. I have some pretty amazing friends… My stuff is moving out of their Storage asap. They are not getting another cent out of me and I’ve demanded credit on what had been paid.  This should never have happened, but I seriously believe they tried to take advantage of me – due to my being out-of-state and for being a woman. Grrrrrr…. but like I said, they totally underestimated me.  I’m not done yet…

When the above is all settled… I’ve got to figure out where I’m going next when I leave here on the 18th and don’t get to the next Lazy Daze function until the 28th.

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