All Hallows Night

What a grand way to celebrate Halloween!  No trick or treaters were to be had around here, but a large bunch of Cowgirls and Cowboys and a few other odds and ends gathered for dinner, skits, dancing, etc.  Dinner was outstanding in its basic down home cooking – meatloaf, green beans, baked potato and pumpkin pie. I want their recipe for that meatloaf – it was awesome!!!  Wish I had a chunk for tomorrow to make a sandwich… wonder if there’s anything left… hmmmmm.

Now I found myself stepping to the beat while watching everyone dance, especially to the folks doing line dancing.  It has been over 33 years since I line danced and I was good at it once upon a time and watching these folks tonight just about got me out on the dance floor.  Heck its been easily 23 years or more since I danced to any kind of music.  So this was a wonderful event to stimulate awesome memories on dancing, a very enjoyable part of my past.  There was one couple who are professional dancers and it was awesome watching them too.  Truly a delight to see all this.

And the silly skits, ere acts, ere what-have-you were funny even tho I did not know the people in them. Lots of puns, jokes about us ‘old’ folks. Still laugh about some of the antics.  And the darn Sheriff who kept “arresting” folks.  There were rules to follow: no spitting, no swearing, no cuss words – all got penalized and folks went into the “jail”, lots of folks, as they got arrested for some pretty funny stuff and most had a few words at being “caught”. To get bailed out of jail – honest to goodness real money was paid (to go toward further parties). Then they gave away gifts, etc on drawings sporadically thru the evening.  It was just a fun, fun evening!

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