Tuesday morning…

Greetings everyone!  I awoke before the sun popped up over the hills (they call them mountains around here!) and also to the tune of several coyotes as they departed the area. It must have been quite the coyote party, as they gave me the impression of giving each other high fives as they moved on.

Jojoba Hills SKP resort, pool area

Yesterday, I got moved out of boondock into someone’s slot. They are considered rentals and boy do I have a beautiful view. Its basically the same view that I took from the swimming pool.  I will get more images to show my view. I’m not far from the clubhouse where this pool and 3 hot tubs are located. I don’t own a swimming suit, but may get serious about finding one. What a gem of a place!

So as I soak in this high desert place, if the temperatures stay reasonable, will start on serious cleaning on the inside of this rig. Each time one moves, you do light housecleaning, put things away, but I need to get down and get the crap out of the crevices.  Such as… the window tracks. I learned one takes a Q tip to drag down into the tracks – oh good grief, what a startling discovery! Laughing here, as it is full of cat hair. Now why am I not surprised!!! So amazing that the windows now slide so much better too. I just laughed over that first thing this morning. Both Norm & Tucker were watching me intently when I was doing this, after all… the Q tip disappeared into the tracks and their paws tried to get it. And onward one goes.  So will work at this while I have the morning coolness.

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