Fun day

Had a really nice day with my Alaskan friend Cheri, got to meet her sister and her Dad. Cheri & her sister meet here in Mesa twice a year to see their Dad. A delightful & young 94 year old gentleman. Cheri borrowed her sister’s car and we did a variety of things, such as me picking up my mail, which is always a fun treat to get my mail. We hit the Fiber Factory in Mesa, a yarn store mostly devoted to knitters, but also weaving yarns and some spinning fiber.  I managed to walk out with zero yarn (no tapestry yarn to be had) and one issue of Weaver’s Craft that I didn’t have. That’s impressive for me.  Cheri picked up two skeins of merino wool with silver flecks – it will be gorgeous once she dyes this. And will be interesting to see what she weaves with it.  So that was fun.

Then we wanted to go get a bite to eat. Amazingly, we kept going in circles, or so it seemed… Funny, when one heads down any number of streets, one would expect to find a place to eat. I mean, don’t Mesa folks ever eat out?  It was crazy how we couldn’t find any place.  Saw lots of RV sales, empty stores, miscellaneous RV parks (actually a ton of those),  shopping centers, etc.  But no restaurants, a couple of McD’s, Burger Kings, and a Wendy’s – but neither one of us wanted fast food. So we kept driving. And lo and behold we found Rosa’s Mexican Food.  Hands down, that was the best food I’ve eaten in a very long time. I had a Chicken-Mango salad, which had a marinade chicken pieces, chopped mangos, caramelized onions, red bell peppers on a bed of lettuce.  I must be missing something, but it was excellent. Had lemonade made from scratch to go with this. Not too sweet, just a delight. It was served with a corn muffin and honey butter.  Service was fantastic too.

And then we went seeking a grocery store. I needed cat food and kitty litter, paper towels and picked up a few pre-made salads and came back to my RV, gave Cheri a hug and a big thank you for a great day.

Due to unexpected change in plans in trying to meet with Scott, a long time family friend and his Dad, I am leaving this area Saturday vs Monday.  I would have loved to see him and his kids for an hour or so, but he canceled and well… it is what it is.  I hope to connect with his Dad on my way out, but if this doesn’t work, will attempt another shot at this next time I pass thru.

Today was a decent day – 80’s vs 90’s, still quite warm in my book, but they claim temps are going back up this weekend – I’m leaving on that note.

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