Sweltering few days…

Its hot folks, I don’t care if it’s 20 degree cooler than it was a day or so ago.  Spent last night in a rest stop just north of Casa Grande, AZ.  It was 99ºF yesterday when I stopped early afternoon. Noise was unbelievable. Expected some with trucks coming and going, but the road noise never let up. It was like rush hour traffic all night long. Add the heat, it was not a nice free place to stop.  Left this morning, far earlier than I wanted to, as I wasn’t scheduled to be at my destination until Noon, but the temp was already above 80’s and well… I left.  Surprise tho, I was way closer to my destination than I realized, but they let me in at 10am this morning.  So got set up, tried the fresh air approach, but by Noon, I closed it all up and turned on the air conditioner. Us kids promptly went to sleep. Awoke mid-afternoon freezing of all things. I can’t win with this stuff.  So air-conditioner went off, windows opened up and the heat in the rig climbed. Dang.  I am going to figure this out, how to stay cool without air-conditioner. My cats are depending on me.

Right now, the kids are quite happy to have Bird TV back. They have been without for nearly 3 weeks and the action is fun to watch, as Tucker flits from one window to the next, Norm just watches Tucker until Tucker stops, as something caught his eye. So Bird TV is shining bright right now.

I’m in Mesa and will be for one week.  Will see my AK friend Thursday, will hopefully see elder Len Hays this weekend and perhaps, if I can catch her, Marty, my uncle’s wife. She apparently does not check emails very often. ;-(  Then I’m out of here, heading for cooler temps, I hope.

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