I’m heading out tomorrow morning early… I was going to head West on I-40, but I was persuaded with good knowledge to change my path, so I shall.  I have this opportunity to explore possible places to stay for the winter, so I decided to do this en-route to Mesa.  A few places have been suggested, such as Elephant Butte, so when I get down there, will cruise thru the park to see if I’m interested. If not, then I will know now vs later.  I really don’t have a clue where I’m staying this winter but heading South on I-25, then West on I-10 will give me an opportunity to check out things.

Today, stocked up on some fruit and veggies at 2 Farmer’s market then at Sprouts, a great natural foods grocery store. Saw more of Albuquerque – it really is a nice city.

Presently am taking a break from vacuuming the floor, but I’m almost ready to stop as soon as I wash it and then the very last minute items in morning and I will be out of here. Cats are highly suspicious of my activity, which is normal.

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