Lazy Day…

Today, will be devoted to not much!  Not sure if I can pull that off, as I have always managed to keep busy doing something. Boredom is not part of my life in any way, shape or form. A quote I came across this morning “Happily accepting whatever happiness life surprises me with.” Pretty much sums up what it is like living in my Lazy Daze RV full time.

Last night, I called my Mother-in-law to wish her Happy Birthday. Its her 88th year. It has been a long while since I have chatted with her, I miss those conversations and I told her I will now be able to call more often. Despite the issues between Doug & I, his Mom is nothing short of a sparkling gem of a person to know. I was very bless to have her as my Mother-in-law, a very special lady. It was awesome chatting with her, getting quite the scoop on Jimmy & Laura’s new baby boy. Love listening to the joy, happiness and the contentment of having a newborn in her presence. Loved hearing all about that as well as other updates. Despite all the water that has flowed over the bridge, I would love to visit with her in person one more time. Its something I will strive for.

My Mother-in-law asked me how I was doing living in the RV, as she does each time I talk to her.  I found it hard to explain the challenges, the joy, even the surprising contentment.  She has never traveled in a RV – so how does one explain this life?  A common thread asked in our conversation last night – don’t I miss the house, our land, what about my Mother’s art work, my looms.  There’s no denying I miss the house and the amazing land it was nestled on – it was a chapter in my life that will be fondly remembered – despite the challenges I had to face, but would/could I go back – not now, too much water has flowed over the bridge. Wish I could even have a little of my Mom’s artwork with me, but I don’t have room. As for the looms, this is something I seriously miss, I miss the peace in weaving, the feel of the fiber, the texture of woven cloth and the stunning colors of dyeing the fiber.  I may return to New Mexico this winter, to take some weaving workshop just to get some hands on in the textile world.  But down the road, I’m thinking I might be able to get  a small floor loom in this rig and be able to weave while I travel. Nothing can happen now, but I sure can dream about doing it and ask questions on how I could do it.  There is potential after talking to several, that’s for sure.  But all in all, I think she was a little surprised that I was still doing ok and having fun in the process.  Gotta love her for still caring.

So today… as you can so note, I’m not being very lazy if I’m writing in my blog.

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