Slow to go…

Well… I didn’t leave today and glad I decided to stay. It was quite gusty today, the rig just rocked back and forth all day long.

Norm, one of my feline boys, needed to have the RV for a day or two without a stranger coming in or out or up or down or around and around. He gets to being a nervous wreck, panting, howling and its hard to get him to settle down.  If I could have left him in his hide-y hole (furtherest corner of the bed over the cab, behind pillows) during the bulk of the work, I doubt there would have been a peep out of him. But no, I needed to pull both cats back behind the door (basically the back half of the rig) away from the work and comings and goings. Norm absolutely hated that. No cooing and cuddling with Mom for nothing under this duress. He would have nothing to do with me. And Tucker, doesn’t help the situation, but he is real laid back kind of a fella, and just let Norm holler all day. Howling and crying cat does not make Mom a happy camper.  But I think I have figured out something… I think Norm has super sensitive hearing.  When I could catch him and covered up his ears, he calmed down notably. Go figure!   So the next day, I left him up in his hide-y hole while finishing work was being done. Not a peep out of him, nor was he sighted until late in the day. Ok, that works for him, but Tucker wouldn’t stay out of the work area. Dang he is one curious cat!!! And Tucker does not like being alone behind the door.  Quite the learning experience with these two.

So due to my cats, I decided to stay put until the weekend. AZ is suppose to start cooling off next week, 80’s are much better than 100’s, but I like the 70’s here in Albuquerque best. But I’m heading for AZ for two reasons. One to meet up with my long time friend, Cheri, who is down visiting her Father in Mesa. Two, to make a surprise visit to a long time family friend (he worked at Amoco with my Dad). I haven’t seen him since 1990. I hope he remembers me, can’t wait to see him.

So what’s a girl to do… I did more laundry today, got all the bedding washed and dried. A super plus to getting that done.  Studied the maps some more on the route I will take to Phoenix area. Studied the Mountain Directory West for further facts too. Scouted out places to possibly stay along the way, which I don’t reserve ahead of time.  But did find a place in Mesa, which I did reserve.  Also putting stuff back in my cabinets that were left out for over 24 hours (to let foam sealant dry and to check for leaks).

Both cats were happier today… yippee!!!  

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