Extra! Extra! Read all about it.

I found my hair brush!!!  It has been missing for over 2 weeks. How in the world does one lose anything in such a small space, I don’t know – but I did.  I searched everything – or thought I had.  Today, found it in a paper bag under the dinette table. How it got there is anyone’s guess.  But for friends who chuckled over this one, I found it!!! I found it!!!  I guess this is a fairly common trait amongst RVer’s to lose and not find things in the RV.  Laughing here.  Have a good day!

One thought on “Extra! Extra! Read all about it.

  1. Melinda, I've lost my computer mouse. I've looked EVERYWHERE! Can't imagine where it went overnight. Sheesh! Bought a new one. Like it more than the other but where is that mouse??!!



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