Last of Balloon Fiesta

Wow! Time flies when one is having a great time!  I have a ton of photos of balloons, but will only post a few of my favorites.  
Sky was rich with colors

Love the smile!

Darth Vader coming!

Darth Vader, he is HUGE!!

Bumble bees, 2 separate balloons flying together

Baby bumble bee in center, stage coach on left and Spider Pig on right


Its impossible to show the full scope of this Balloon Fiesta, pictures just show a fraction of what your eye balls see.  I highly recommend the Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque to all. Pretty magnificent, if you ask me.  It is now over, we said our good-byes to our new friends, we shall meet again down the road.

I’m presently at High Desert RV Park west of Albuquerque. Getting 2+ weeks of laundry done, dumping of tanks, refilling of water, etc. Getting some work done by the RV Guy, Inc.  One of the most exciting thing for me to have learned, and I have learned a lot while here, is that I can dry camp and do it magnificently! I had 2 visitors near the end of my time here, which prompted a refill on water, but without that, I’m pretty sure I could have made it the full 2 weeks on one tank of water. I most definitely made it the full two weeks on both black and grey tanks. I’m impressed!

I also learned a ton on inverters.  With solar, one can charge smartphones, iPads, etc using the car charger adapter without turning on the generator, but this doesn’t work to charge laptops. So I had the lucky opportunity to try different inverters, only one worked for my laptop, but I couldn’t find one like it to buy. Will have to find a Radio Shack. I did buy one from Walmart (shocking – I even went into the store! I do not like Walmart!!!) Nonetheless, the inverter didn’t like my Macbook Pro. Oh it charged it up the first couple of times, but got real fickle after that and I couldn’t use the computer at all at any time it was plugged into this inverter. Well… apparently, I need a more pure Sino wave. I was using a modified sino wave – no matter the watts of the inverter (I tried 150 up to 410), it does not like my size of Macbook Pro. Those with smaller Macbook Pro had better luck than I but none had continuously good results. So will have to work on this before January, as I will be boondocking in January.

I’m heading West, once again tomorrow.  Here’s hoping it has cooled off in AZ!  Its been beautiful days here – in 70’s in day, and low 40’s at night.

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