Balloon Fiesta

Absolutely stunning, beautiful, amazing, superb, enchanting, glowing, all consuming, overwhelming, fun, giddy and did I say amazing to have been there? Wow! Was a very common word spoken last night. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is the only place in the world that one can walk amongst the balloons, be right on the field with them. This was the evening of the Glow-de-o’s. On a count of five, all the balloons fire up and its impossible to get a snapshot of the magnitude of hundreds upon hundreds of balloons doing this at one time. And they repeated it several times.  So enjoy!

As we entered the field

Some still blowing up!

Some up, some down

Firing up to keep it up

This was amazing, all jumbled up to start

Colors were magnificent

The stork!

So pretty!

Flying pig being blown up


They are huge

Oh we laughed getting this image

All balloons fired up!

Chocolate milk cow

Pow-Mia balloon

Can’t help but smile!

Lion King?

Odd glow not seen with naked eye

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