A delightful day!

The RV’s poured into this dirt field today… you can stand at our end and see RV’s for acres upon acres on both sides of the road. Amazing!  Well over a thousand RVs is mind-boggling! The Lazy Daze folks came in droves as well.  Surprise of all surprise. As folks came in they introduced themselves, as we did as well.  One couple tho caught my attention almost immediately after Priscilla said her name. Could it be? I rather butchered their last name as I tried to remember it, but came close enough they both perked up. After a few more questions, I don’t know who’s jaw dropped lower but oh my goodness…  John & Priscilla were the very first folks who allowed us to see there Lazy Daze RV up in Alaska. That was in 2007!  I had given them one of my handwoven kitchen towels and some salmon as a thank you for allowing us to see their rig and to ask a ton of questions. She is still using the towel and it looks fabulous!!!  She apologized that it was dirty – well its suppose to get dirty, that’s what happens with kitchen towels! Awesome encounter.  Will spend more time tomorrow visiting with them.

Sarah & Pete were the 2nd couple that showed us there rig in AK and I reacquainted with them in WA in August. Nothing like having things come full circle.  And today, as I introduced myself, I was stunned by people’s reaction to me.  These Lazy Daze folks really pay attention to what is said on our yahoo list and many commented that they were happy to put a face behind all my quests for info – I had asked alot of questions from this group over the years. And others follow my blog, I had no idea that I had made such an impression and such a positive one.  Although I’ve never met these folks, its as if we have known each other for quite sometime. This is simply amazing and a ton of fun.

Tomorrow, if weather permits – the Balloon Fiesta will start. I’ve been informed that at 0530, helicopters will fly the path of the balloons to check wind speed.  If all is ok, balloons will lift off at or about sun rise. Think that’s around 6:30, but not sure.  So will hit the sack early tonight, as my friend Karen is arriving at 5am – hopefully to beat the rush of traffic.  Too bad she couldn’t just stay over night in my rig, but she is allergic to cats.  So we will deal with early morning stuff.

3 thoughts on “A delightful day!

  1. Sara, only pics on Saturday was the parking lot, as the balloons were grounded due to winds. Balloons did fly this morning, but apparently did not fly normal route nor did many go up. Not sure why. Will try tomorrow.

    Jan, having a fabulous time and I'm always making memories. 😉


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