Pumpkin time?

Really?  It’s October all ready???  Ok, if you insist.  I have had a wonderful time visiting with my friends here in Albuquerque. Yesterday, was suppose to just be a trip to the commissary, which we did. It has been years since I utilized a commissary, but I can say I will seek them out now. It use to be a pain in the wazoo to checkout, no longer. Now they just scan my ID.  And… drumroll… I walked out with $80 worth of groceries, that would normally have cost me somewhere between $120 to $150.00 depending on where I was buying.  So why hadn’t I been using the commissary? Quite honestly, I had too many excuses why an 1 1/2 hour trip into the commissary wasn’t worth the trip – gas prices,  etc.  Now that I’m out on the road… I am going to seek them out,  as well as FamCamp – the military version of RV campgrounds. Some are far better than others, but you can’t beat the price. There’s a great app for finding these FamCamp’s, called CR-V Military – downloaded that yesterday.

After the commissary run, we went and picked up Karen’s Mother and all 4 of us headed north of town to a fantastic mexican restaurant called El Pinto. Oh my was that delicious.  One can’t beat the ambiance of the whole place as well.  It is very close to the Balloon Fiesta that starts this week.  Definite place to enjoy.  But I need to start taking some pictures, it was photo shoot ready place… will work on that this week.

Last evening, we had a visitor to our rig. A beautiful siamese cat. Friendly creature, no collar, but I had seen it around the campground, so it must belong to someone.  And I suspect it was a female, as my fellas were hot to trot on this one. They couldn’t figure out how to get thru the screen to say a proper hello. It was quite comical actually.  It was an unexpected entertainment for the day!

Today, I am going to get a haircut, to lower my ears, as my Dad once said.  And stock up on some water, do laundry and dump tanks, refill water tank, finish cleaning and putting away stuff in my rig. Tomorrow morning will top off the propane tank and head out…

This week, in fact tomorrow… I am going in early, to hopefully beat the rush, to the Balloon Fiesta. We scouted out the area yesterday. Will be parked in a giant dirt field. Doesn’t sound like much, but then we aren’t looking down at the dirt, but rather up in the sky.  Yes,  photos will be taken.   I did not realize the magnitude of this event until I saw the field where all the balloons will be tethered and all the tents set up for vendors. Oh my…

So on that note… can’t wait for the Balloon Fiesta to start!

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