Tending to business

I slept like a baby last night here in Flagstaff, a much needed sleep. It was cool and it was quiet. Compared to the night before in Kingman – being hot and non-stop air conditioners and trains blowing there horns for a not-so-soothing sound.  I’m at J&H RV Park, a non-smoking, age 55 & older campground. It is awesome. Very clean and the owners are a delight to be around.

Yesterday, after arriving here… I started the first 2 of 4 loads of laundry. Today, I took my first hot shower with an abundant water since I left WA – oh that was a nice soaker. More laundry done, vacuuming, washing cabinets down – all very dusty.  Will dust the outside (with a California Duster) later today.  Tomorrow, taking my rig into R&R Automotive (highly recommended by J&H RV owners) for an oil & filter change, fluids checked, etc. then will return to campground to vegetate the rest of the day. As we (the cats & I) will head for Gallup, NM or thereabouts on Thursday.

I have been struggling with this internet/wi-fi stuff since I started all my adventures. AT&T just hasn’t made the grade even in cities. At the LaDeze gathering, several had AT&T – all could connect, except me. Why oh why was that happening? I suspect its the darn quality of Alaskan service – different than anything in the lower 48.  It is so frustrating, but that was the straw that broke the camels back. In Tehachapi, nothing changed.  So today, I learned if I bought the new iPhone, it would cost me over $600 to close out my AT&T account and get the new. Well, no thank you. I hate those 2 year contracts!  But I can’t afford that, therefore will not pay that.  So what is one to do… I called Millenicom, then went to there web site to order. I’m getting the Advanced 3G plan ($59.99/month) with no contract and one gets 20GB of data. This particular plan is with Verizon. Some of there other plans are with Sprint (so be sure to ask before ordering, if you do).  I can deal with $59.99 per month over the $180.00/month I had been paying to AT&T in Alaska.  Its ridiculous what they charge us in AK when visitors traveling to AK get outstanding connections – we don’t. Go figure…  so I will quit complaining… its taxes this brain.

Back to work…

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