Enroute to NM

Just a brief note today. My travels today took me thru deserts…lots of desert. I saw 3 Lazy Dazes, but none had there CB on. I’m presently in Kingman, AZ. It was 107ºF when I arrived, and its cooling off now – HA! Its now 91ºF.  I thought about stopping in Needles, CA, but it was even hotter there, so chose to get higher and kept going. The terrain really changed as I passed Needles. Different cacti, more canyons of varying depths and more mountains.  I was amazed at the traffic going the other way, it reminded me of rush hour, but it was wall-to-wall trucks.   Tomorrow, I’m heading for Flagstaff and I hope to stay for 2-3 days.  Flagstaff will get me up to 7000+ elevation – much cooler. Will decide then when and where I will go next.

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