Hey folks, I am still alive and kicking!  Had a great trip down diagonally thru Oregon thru the mountains, huge trees and not too hot of weather. Made it to the Truckee area 2 days in advance – can’t figure out why, as I rarely went over 55 mph coming down – so must have miscalculated the miles (again!). Fortunately, I could get into the campground the LaDeze (Ladies of the Lazy Daze RV) gathering and get settled in, as its dry camping. Granite Flats Campground off of Hwy 89 South of Truckee, CA is in the high Sierra Mountains, elevation about 5900+. Hot in day, chilly at night and right by the Truckee River.  The 3+ pound weight of the pine cones the darn chipmunks and squirrels were dropping on our rigs made the only negative of our whole stay.

The LaDeze run by the Uppity Woman – Lorna, was simply amazing and I will always thank her for letting me come in on late notice. What a wonderful gathering! And with Joan T. teaching us all about different components of our rigs, tons of info flowed thru my hands over the 4 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you Joan!!!  I can’t begin to tell anyone all that I have learned as it will take time to absorb all this info.  Joan handed out detailed paperwork on each subject and then some. She made sense of critical aspects of our rigs, taught us how’s, the what’s and the what to do’s. Wow!

And now all that amazing fun, education that sent us on our ways. I’m not due anywhere until the 2nd of October… what-to-do?  Well, I tagged along with Jane south to Tehachapi (not sure its spelled that way) – to Indian Hills Ranch.  I am so glad Jane was leading me thru this stretch of the trip, we got separated in Bakersfield due to road construction and s-l-o-w cars, but it was in Sacramento that I am delighted I had a pro in front of me, guiding my way. I have never been on 12 lanes of interstate (6 lanes each way). Trying to figure out which lane to stay in or be in, where to turn off, etc. egads I am way out of practice for city driving.  The further South we went, the hotter it got. I was able to use the a/c until we started climbing up to Tehachapi. This weather is killing me. It has got to start cooling off sooner than later. Nonetheless, we made the trek and then I could have sworn, Jane was taking me out to no man’s land. I have no idea how we made it or how she knew where to turn to get to this ranch, but by golly we made it around 6:30p and I was too brain dead (from heat more than anything) to carry on much conversation with anyone. So where am I?  I have just arrived at my very first Lazy Daze Caravan Club gathering. It is dry camping once again. Apparently, I will get a number, as I am the originally owner of my rig, bought new.  I don’t know much else at the moment, as I’m sure I will learn more today.

And that my friends, is the nutshell version.  Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Amazing!

  1. There wasn't any pictures taken by me of the caravan, as it was spread out over a large area, check the Lazy Daze Caravan club web page, as they will be posting pictures. The only picture I got was a scenery looking down at the valley – but I can't upload it.


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