Its been great!

Wow! The NW Lazy Daze GTG has exceeded all expectations – what a wonderful, wonderful group of folks from all walks of life – all with a common love of the Lazy Daze RV.  I have had such a magnificent time!  And have made many new friends and learned a ton of great tips, how-to’s, etc about my own rig.  Just a delightful time.  But I was too busy getting to know everyone, not one picture was taken by me but I won on one of the auction nights – a picture of the whole group in front of my RV.  Awesome!

I am heading out tomorrow, as is most everyone else.  I have a deadline to get to the LaDeze gathering which I suspect will be equally grand.  It may take me 3 days to get there of fairly hard driving, but I will be going thru some real pretty countryside, as only a small portion will be on the interstate.

Have no clue if I will have internet when I leave it, so I may once again be quiet on this blog.

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