Party time has arrived!

Starting officially tomorrow (Tuesday) is the Northwest Lazy Daze GTG (get together) here at Bayshore RV Park in Tokeland, WA.  I understand 35 Lazy Daze RV in total will fill this park with only a few spaces to spare.  2 rigs came in yesterday and 2 more came in today and the party has already started.  A delightful set of folks!  I haven’t laughed this much in eons.  Very welcoming too.

Today, with one who had a toad (pulled a car behind the rig), took me and 3 others out shopping. I got some much needed shopping done at the “normal” grocery store, then off to the Sausage Store – ooooh what a delightful discovery!  Then they wanted oysters, so we went off to Brady’s and got fresh oysters and I got a little tub of fresh crab legs. Mighty good eating in this crowd. Of course, I don’t do oysters – I can’t even watch someone eat the darn things.  So they got my portion too.  I know, I know I’m missing out on some great eating…

Now tomorrow night is “finger food” night, so I’m fixing my Salmon rolls, which I haven’t made in a while but has always been a hit when available.  Wednesday night is a potluck. I was thinking of fixing my Chili Corn recipe, but I might switch and make a pot of soup with some of that sausage. Will have to think about this one.  Apparently, the last night is dinner at the historic Tokeland Hotel, but I did not put in for that, as I’m not sure if I will still be here. There were at least 12 other rigs that decided not to do the hotel as well.  On one of the mornings, they fix a grand breakfast for everyone. So I guess I won’t starve here! Haha.

Hopefully, will have a chance to write to the blog before I head South to give you an update on this party…ere gathering.  What fun!

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