Its been awhile since I posted, not for lack of desire, but no service with AT&T. My fellow RVer’s with Verizon had service everywhere I was (except Neah Bay)… frustrating!  Interesting enough, I survived! Laughing here.

So off I went to Neah Bay.
I was told the road leading into Neah Bay was winding curvy slow going. An understatement.  The last 60 miles to the end of the road, I doubt I went above 30 mph, it was more like 20 or less. When one could finally go faster, it was road construction.  The 3 big tractor-trailers in front of me hauling giant boulders tried to move faster, but the road just didn’t allow it. They braked frequently. In the midst of this, was a 9% grade, but we were moving so slow it didn’t matter. There were times the road rolled back and forth adding the roller coast affect. To say the least, I was delighted when we got to sea level and my oh my… was it gorgeous!  The town of Neah Bay is a native fishing village at the end of the road and the most NW point in the lower 48. I went thru town and out to the virtual end of the road. Fog was moving in, but one could see stacks all along the coast.  Then poof, the fog lifted and I had an incredible opportunity to watch from my RV a pod of orcas feasting. This family was in the area for nearly 3 hours. You could tell the babes, mom’s and daddy’s, probably a few cousins and aunts and uncles thrown in for good measure. Wow!  Amazing, just simply amazing…

Then the fog moved back in just as the sun was setting and holy mackerel, another Lazy Daze RV pulled in next to me. We were the only two rigs at the end of the road.  Got out to meet them, it was a family – Mom & Dad, older son and apparently a friend of the son.  The Mom shooed me back to my rig. Odd. But went about closing up my rig, cleaning up dinner dishes and I turned around and there stood that “friend” standing not more than 3 feet outside my door, staring at my door. The sun has now set, but this guy looked like the Una bomber with his hoodie, black sunglasses, white t-shirt.  Why in the world was he staring at my door?  Spooked the heck out of me and I probably should have left right then and there, but it was pea soup fog once again. So I closed the blinds. Except curiosity got the better of me. No one can see in the Lazy Daze if no lights are on at night (or in daylight anytime), so I just watched these people. The two guys were clean fanatics, to a fault. The Dad & Mom were following “orders” from the son. Just bizarre stuff. I did not sleep good, if at all. At first light, I left.  Being back out on the road, road construction had not restarted, truckers hadn’t started – I had the road to myself, the road was not so hairy as it was going in.  And onward I went…

Next stop in my journey was going to be down Mora Road, but I completely missed the turn. Didn’t find it again until I left the area.  It was just past the sign that Vampires are banned after that crossing. Guess the Vampire sign made me miss the Mora Road. I have good friends of the Mora name and I was going to get pictures to send to them. Oh well… it was the thought that counts.  Anyway, Mora Rd would have led down to Rialto Beach, which I heard was a great place to stay. Instead, I ended up at La Push, right on the beach. In fact, I managed to find a surfer’s beach. Who would have thought there would be a surfer’s beach this far north!  Waves are bigger than other places, but nothing as big as I’ve seen before, nonetheless, the surfer’s managed to catch some waves and it was fun to watch them. Interesting to me were an older couple that was surfing. She may have been close to my age or a little older, but her husband was easily a lot older. They may have trouble walking (he more than her), but boy could they surf! They spoke broken English, but are French Canadians. Nice couple!  I spent 2 nights here, an enjoyable stay. I would have stayed longer if I had known the weekend was approaching, alas I missed that little details and my spot got booked out from under me.

Giant cedar tree – La Push

At La Push, giant cedar trees had been washed ashore in storms. The beach is littered with these giant trees.

The above cedar tree

La Push – morning I left
La Push – mid day

Also, when the fog cleared.. and even when it didn’t clear, I walked the beach from one end to another. Its about 2 1/2 miles long, both ends are impassable via the beach, must be overland to cross.  The drift wood, the cedar trees make interesting characters in the fog.  Met other walkers, we apparently are on a similar timetable, as we often meet.  Wonderful place to camp! And when the fog lifts… beautiful. Sunsets are pretty special too.

And I headed on down the coast. Stopped for an early lunch near Kalloch State Park, the beach is without giant trees. The little waves just roll in in shallow water for a fair distance. And its getting warm here. I would have considered camping here, but in broad daylight, where the RV’s were parked one needed a flashlight to see. It was pitch black in there. Amazing!  So I kept heading down the coast. No more beach or water scenes until I got to Aberdeen. Didn’t like the town so much but can’t put my finger on why. So kept going. I decided I would stop at Westport but everything and I mean everything was filled to the max – they were having a 3 day Bluegrass Festival this weekend. So I kept moving on down the coast. I came upon the campground that I was to be at on next Tuesday and they were almost empty, so stopped to see if I could get reservations. Sure enough, I am in and in the same spot I was to go into on Tuesday, so I don’t have to move. And folks, its 95ºF – what’s with this heat????

Speaking of no heat… my friends back in Alaska have already experience a hard freeze, snow is moving down the mountains and the leaves are dropping. Apparently Anchorage got hit with a super wind storm, lots of trees down, as not all trees were without leaves in that area.  Many of my friends are harvesting the last of their potatoes, canning the last of the garden (not much left here) and cleaning up their property getting ready for winter. Didn’t think I would say it, but I miss all this, I miss Fall in Alaska.  Can’t wait to return. And return, I will.

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