Ready to head out!

Well, the only thing left to do in the morning, is to get a refill on propane, as the RV is cleaned up, everything stored away, cats are highly suspicious too.  They have been following me around on every task I have tried to complete.  I’ve been told to not expect access to email or internet for this next week.  So figured I’d better write to the blog today.  Tuesday night, I should be near, if not at Neah Bay, WA.  You can find this on your map.  I will write to the blog when I can, but don’t expect much until I get to Tokeland. Although, I’m not sure I will have access to internet there, but time will tell.

I have been checking on Verizon & Millenicom plans and now have a good idea which I will go for.  I’ve even ordered external antenna & amplifier to get ready for this. There are a couple of flies in the ointment, of course, one being that my iPhone is an AT&T phone, I must get a new iPhone before I can get Verizon.  I’ve been informed that I should wait until mid-September for the new iPhones to come out before getting one. So that is what I will do.  Then the other fly in the ointment, is whether or not I can keep my AK phone number. Normally, to change phones, one has zero problems to keeping one’s own number, except this time. Alaska does NOT have Verizon yet, so will Verizon honor this?  I don’t know, but at the worst, I would have to get a new phone number. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Today, is a Labor Day picnic indoors here at Evergreen Coho.  It starts at two, so will come back for this, but think I’m being moved out now, as they are sitting up all the tables. Tonight, is a game of Pinochle.  Then I will hit the sack.  And bright and early in the morning… I’m hitting the road.

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