Laundry day

Ah laundry… as I sit in the laundry here at the clubhouse answering emails, watching folks come and go with dirty and/or clean laundry – I just smile.

Why? I had such a nice day yesterday with one of my nieces, Jenny.  I expected to get maybe a couple of hours with her and she spent the day. She left at o dark thirty reluctantly. Wish she could have stayed the night, but alas, she is a working gal.  She even helped me do the mundane chore of grocery shopping so I paid for dinner when we went out.  She loved my RV, and explored everything and then some, she even got more than a few minutes enjoying the cats too. They didn’t run from her, as I thought they would, as they haven’t seen her in over a year and a half.  When I come back up this winter, I will be calling her.

Today is laundry day and just enjoying the sun type of day… Am once again studying the maps, plotting and planning.  Its beautiful day, but boy last night it got chilly – down to 46ºF. Of course, I had all my vents open as well as the window by my head. I sleep quite cozy in my Kozy Comforter I got from Lazy Daze. It has two sides – one is summer and the other is winter. Haven’t tried the winter side yet. I am washing the inner sheeting today.  Its going to be a challenge getting it back together again, but will figure it out. Its really nice.  I’m thinking, when I get some money, to order a twin size one. The one I am using is the queen size one for the bed over the cab.

So that’s it for another day in beautiful Chimacum, Washington.

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