Fun touring day

Can someone please tell me if you see the list of “followers” on my blog.  There use to be a list, but it has disappeared these last few days. Odd that I can’t even find out how to fix, but then again how does one fix something you don’t know if it is broken.

Had fun today with Jackie… I learned about geo cache, how to do it and what one may find, the logging of it, etc.  I have never been around someone that did this and today she found 3 caches. On these jaunts down back roads of this area – beautiful, beautiful country side, were a joy to behold. Saw lots of cattle, some bison and some horses too. We went to Port Ludlow for pizza – haven’t had pizza in eons and it was g-o-o-d!  Have leftovers for tonight and breakfast too. After lunch.. we meander along the coast line to Port Hadlock (is that how that’s spelled?). Loved seeing all the boats in the harbor, the water was so blue. Just a nice day with a fun person.

While reading and answering emails, and now this blog – a guy has been playing the piano.  If I hadn’t turned to look, I would have thought my Father was playing on that piano. It was an amazing quirky sensation to have thought that.  But an unexpected pleasure.

Tomorrow my niece is coming, Saturday is laundry day, Sunday is ??? interesting, I haven’t a clue…but there was something, will have to check my iPhone calendar. Monday is Labor Day & Pinochle and Tuesday I’m heading out.

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