Another fine day

It did indeed rain folks, rained cats and dogs and a few chickens too the next day after having the RV washed. But what a great job they did on my RV. They went thru and detailed first, then went back and washed it, then they waxed it. Shiny is an understatement!!!  They even cleaned the side walls of the tires. Lots of folks stopping by to comment about the great job and they gained some new business within the park.  Even the ravens had much to say about the S-H-I-N-E which drove the cats crazy prancing up and down the roof right above their heads.  I tried to take some pictures but the shine put a sun spot on all the pictures.  Will try again before I head out.

Monday night, I joined in on a Pinochle game, single deck. Something I haven’t done in over 25 years. Had played double deck, but single deck is harder to get doubles on anything. Each pays $.50 per person – big time money!  And I came in with the 3rd highest award, just over a dollar in change. What fun it was to play and meet all these folks.  Will play the night before I head out too.

Let’s see… think I got my route after Tokeland plotted out. I happened to mention what I was doing and several had me state where I was thinking and thru all of them and their driving experiences, I now know I will not cross the mountains in California, but rather in Oregon.  I have a couple of options and I think I will move off the coast around Coos Bay, Oregon.  Apparently, I’ve picked a gorgeous route so am looking forward to it.  I may still change my mind after I talk with some locals, but it is looking good at the moment.

Tomorrow, one of my new friends within the park, is going to pick me up around 10 or so. We are heading to the post office to pick up my mail, go sightseeing, possibly get lunch out too. Don’t think much is planned but we decided to make a day of it.   If anyone needs my mailing address while I’m on the road, be sure and ask me.

And Friday, surprise of all surprises, my niece Jenny is coming over.  She lives in Mountlake Terrace. It will be a nice to have her even for a few hours.

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