It will rain..

There are a few things in life that seem to guarantee it will rain, and washing one’s vehicle is one of them.  So be forewarned, it will rain on Monday night or Tuesday at the latest.  Why? I’m washing and waxing my RV, ere… I am having the RV Washers wash and wax my rig.  My hand that is still recovering from the carpal tunnel, still can’t tolerate repeatedly motion, such as washing the rig. I tried.  So this family will arrive tomorrow to do this task for me. Thankfully.  It really needs the TLC, its not that its grossly filthy, its not, but it needs to be done.

And knowing it was getting special treatment on the outside, yesterday I scrubbed it down on the inside yesterday. It put the cats on alert.. as it normally leads to another road trip, but this time I put a bit more spit and polish vs just putting stuff away for a road trip.  So this cleaning, led to some re-organizing of two cabinets that its contents had shifted from the trip down thru Canada. Need to do this off and on, as I make new free space to fill that I didn’t know I had. Also did serious laundry. All on this gorgeous, gorgeous sunny day…

My friends Sarah B. & Pete left today. I will meet back up with them in 2 weeks. And another Lazy Daze showed up on Friday, but didn’t get a chance to meet them until today.  They are also from Jojoba Hills, up here to cool off a bit.  I find it amazing to have met all these Lazy Daze folks and I haven’t even been to a gathering yet.

I have been plotting the next leg on my trip and where I will boondock before Tokeland, the next event.  I hope to camp along the ocean.  Time will tell if I can find that ideal spot.

And I’m scouting out the leg after Tokeland. Hoping to following Hwy 101 down thru Oregon and into Northern California before I cut across the State to pick-up Hwy 395. Its that cut-offthat is throwing some odd punches.  Thought I had it figured out, but my 1st choice is going thru a forest fire area. Sure it might be out by mid September, but there are no guarantees.  So am scouting out a couple of other areas too. My goal is not to hit major cities or to spend any time on the interstates.

Well, I must close. A birthday party is about to begin for a 95 year old, yesterday it was for a 100 year. So too much cake for me. 😉

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