A sunny day..

Not a whole lot to write about and I want to get back outside to enjoy the sun.  Two of the Lazy Daze RV’s are heading back out on the road today.  I will meet up with them again in about 3 weeks. Its been fun getting to know them.

Yesterday, Norm, my orange tabby, was feeling rather poorly. He started with hairballs, then just bile, then he had some diarrhea and I started asking about local vets.  The only new thing I had added to the household in the last few days was wheat grass, which I had given to them in the past to get some greens. Although it didn’t seem to affect Tucker as much, he did quit eating too. So I threw out the wheat grass and if neither were better today, I would have found a vet.  This morning, they were both a bit unruly demanding breakfast, so knew all was much better.  They inhaled breakfast, as if they were starving and in a way, they were, as neither ate yesterday.  So when I left to come over to check emails, they were curled up on the bed over the cab…doing just fine. Thank heavens.

Its crazy sitting here writing and smelling the food. Food you say? Well, there is a group that apparently had a potluck or something.  And I’m not invited. Laughing, as I didn’t expect, but dang the food smells good. So think I will quit on this short note and go back and fix a sandwich.

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