Just decided to yammer a bit, ere chat a bit.  Over the weekend, another 2 Lazy Daze RV’s showed up in this park. Two individual women driving their rigs together. Its was wonderful meeting with them, shared a glass of wine and several hours of laughter.  Thru them, they suggested I try to register again for the LaDeze (ladies of the Lazy Daze) gathering in September.   I had canceled these reservations once before, thinking I would have missed it due to travel plans. I had tried to make new reservations when I had changed my plans, but the web site said they were all full, so didn’t think anymore about it. Well, they thought it odd for that time of year and suggested I try again.  Well, the park is full on the Sunday (so I would miss the first day), but I can get in on Monday – so I shall.  So will miss the drive down Highway 101 from Washington to California with my friend Sarah B. & Pete, although I might still do Oregon with them. Will study a map to decide for sure.

Pete’s coming in tomorrow from southern California. Looking forward to getting re-acquainted, as its Sarah B. that I had kept in touch with all these years, not Pete. Sarah B. is having a party for Pete tomorrow evening, so will meet more folks in the park.

So have decided to stick here in Chimacum until just after Labor Day. I really don’t want to be out on the road that weekend, so will just bide my time. When I do leave, I will head out NW-ish from here – up and around on Highway 101 around the Olympia Peninsula down to Tokeland, WA. A place right on the ocean to meet up with the NW Lazy Daze GTG.  Pictures of this area are absolutely fabulous, can’t wait to be on the ocean and to meet a bunch of (over 30 + RV’s) Lazy Dazers.  Will write more after that gathering.

My RV was moved within this park yesterday…don’t understand the why’s of it all, but they moved me down 4 spots and I am now nestled next to my own private garden of sorts. Well, its not private, its for everyone, but I’m the only one parked next to it. It has trees, some driftwood, evergreens, mosses, lichens, some sort of flowering bush with purple flowers. Someone had made a driftwood mobile that is hanging there as well.  There are two small rock-lined paths, so no one walks on the plants.  So green, so lush and very peaceful.  The cats are loving watching the birds that come to this little park-like garden.  And… drumroll… I get to keep this spot until I leave, no more moving. Nice!

I have taken to walking… every day, I am walking now.  Thought I would be biking, but the walk is just happening and well, why not.  I carry my computer (not a light weight at all) for added plus in walking. Get into a great stride and I just go.  When I need a break, I will stop in at the club house, check emails, then keep on walking.  The only day I didn’t walk, was when it was too hot. So all is good.

Have a great day!

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