I am alive and well!

Sorry everyone… I did not have internet or wi-fi and my AT&T Air card was once again worthless. So I am behind on everything online.

On the 15th, I had expected to stop at Cache Creek in Canada and go on across the border the next morning, except we arrived in Cache Creek earlier than anticipated, so we pushed thru. Oh my… I wish I had studied the Milepost before we went on, but I didn’t. I study the Milepost each evening, then take a refresher just before leaving for the day – but once again, I miscalculated the kilometers. There is 1.6 miles per kilometer (I think!) but I can’t seem to do get it right yet. And… I remember being told to go thru Kamloops (but not why!), but my friend said that went East and we needed to go South, so we did not go to Kamloops. Well folks… the thriller which will never be repeated in an RV again, was a wild ride. From Cache Creek to Hope, the road narrowed, no shoulders in most places, steep grades up and down, some pull outs to allow me to regroup, big trucks going far faster than I hanging on my bumper, as one drove thru the gorge that followed the Fraser River. The terrain also changed to desert like plants and it was hotter than blazes.  My friend said the gorge was incredibly beautiful, but I couldn’t look. I just kept driving. Not possible to use air-conditioner with these type of road conditions and I just about died from the heat, but I couldn’t stop… I had to keep going. Turning around would just mean the same stuff all over again.  Then we hit traffic, rush hour traffic from Hope southward to the border.  By this time,  I was bound and determined to push thru to the border and be done with it all. We did and it was even hotter in WA. It was 91ºF when we stopped late just after Sumas, WA.  I slept from sheer exhaustion and it was not a good sleep. But we made it back to the States!

On the 16th, took my friend to Bellingham to get a car rental – she drove herself to SeaTac to head home the next day. Try as we might, we had originally tried to coordinate two different ferries on Whidbey Island – she out of Oak Harbor, me out of Coupeville – but it was just too complicated. So she decided to do the car rental.  So after dropping her off, I drove down I-5 to Mount Vernon and took Hwy 20 west. Drove across Deception Bay bridge, which wasn’t too bad tho high above the water. The forest, the big trees after the bridge were just awesome to see. I meandered thru Oak Harbor which has grown tremendously since I was last here in the mid-1990’s for a weaving workshop, got gas and then headed to Coupeville. I had hoped to find the State Park near the ferry terminal to park for the night, but dang, by the time I found it, it was booked solid. So I had to backtrack to another State Park between Oak Harbor and Coupeville and dry camped for the night, which was ok by me, as I was deep in the big tall trees, sheltered from the hot sun. Yes, it was still hot!  I crashed about 7:30p and did not wake until 6 am. I needed that sleep. Much refreshed and excited to take the next leg.

So on the 17th, at 8:45a, I took the ferry from Coupeville to Port Townsend. It cost me and the RV $31.00 (Cheap and wonderful!!!).  Arrived in Port Townsend and was met by Sarah B., the gal that first introduced me to Lazy Daze when I got to see their rig. Think that was 5 years ago. So it was great to see her again.  I followed her out of Port Townsend and headed 8 miles South to Chimacum, WA to the RV park. The weather was still sunny, but a whole bunch cooler than inland.

Got set up, opened windows, locked up and Sarah B. took me shopping… a dangerous thing to do, but oh what fun to see the little villages out here. She first took me to Port Gamble and introduced me to The Artful Ewe II… a weaving and spinning store. Oh my… I could have bought out the store if I had the money and the room, but alas… I only bought silk hankies to spin (cooler to spin than wool) and had to walk out of the store. Oh darn.. that was a fun store to explore. Then down the street about 2 houses, it the weaving studio (associated with the Artful Ewe II. They give weaving classes and it is set up real nice.  There were so many great little stores in Port Gamble, but I was equally impressed with the restorations of each place, beautiful architecture and landscaping.  Just a great place.  We even got a bite to eat and my lemonade was made from scratch… who would ever think a restaurant would do that?  So after Port Gamble, Sarah B. took me back to Port Townsend, but past the ferry terminal. Oh my, what an exciting little town that the tourist have not taken over.  I found my unglazed stone for my little RV oven here. An unexpected discovery, that’s for sure. The stone will allow my oven to circulate the heat more evenly.  And she found another interesting store, ere I should say a series of stores on the subject of Textiles.  There were fabrics, beads, yarns, handwoven clothing – each being an individual store amongst the subject of Textiles.  Very interesting.  If we hadn’t been so exhausted, we might have traveled thru more stores, but it will have to wait until another day.  But what fun!

Sarah B. loaned me her car to go grocery shopping and to haul a big load of laundry to the laundry room. Got all the bedding done and everything else for that matter. All clean is nice.  Am stocked up on groceries too, so won’t need anything for awhile. Found some wheat grass for my cats. They were happy to see that. And tomorrow, the 19th, I need to move within the park, but will settle in after that.

I decided to cancel my AT&T Air card, as it hasn’t worked once since I’ve been in WA and it rarely worked in Alaska. If it doesn’t work, why keep it – so I’ve canceled it. That will save me some money too. I will just have to depend on free wi-fi until I can do something else.  So that’s about it for now.

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