Houston to McLeese Lake

Well me made a rather late start, as the driver overslept for some reason… and trying to keep track of which clock source is the correct one, as they haven’t all changed yet – is adding to this.  We did pretty good tho, made some good time with good weather, less traffic as we went.  So we have made it to McLeese Lake, a place somewhere between St. George & Williams Lake on Hwy 97, which we picked up in St. George.  Williams Lake is about 298 miles from the International border, if we make it that far tomorrow, we will stop immediately inside WA for a night, but I’m not so sure we will push it. Its easy to push when driving a car, its not so easy to push in a RV. Besides, I really don’t need to push it. So we shall see what the road conditions are like tomorrow.

Tonight, we are staying at McLeese Lake RV & Motel Park. $30/full hookups Its a pretty lake, and the accommodation are old but neat.  Our site was level and supposedly has full hookups, but the septic is slanted and partially into the ground and I can’t get the adapter to hook on, so will go without but will try to dump in am before we leave. The electricity is 30 or 50, free internet (password protected). Water hookup available but I chose not to after washing my hands in the washroom – smelled like sulfur.  So should have taken the no hookup slot. Oh well, another lessen learned. We really don’t need hookups, but its nice to have electricity, so we can vacuum out the rig. One can sweep only so often until it really needs to be vacuumed, so we got that done a few minutes ago. Am going out to tempt it to rain once again, that back window is filthy, so am going to wash it. Watch it rain!   Well, maybe it will look better anyhow.

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