Dease Lake to Bell 2

We managed to get gas yesterday at the town of Dease Lake. While there, talked with a fella who had also been parked at Haines RV park that I had, tho I didn’t speak to him there. He’s heading South on the Cassiar as well. We didn’t see him again yesterday.

The trip thru the Sitkrine Canyon was beautiful and I mastered the steep grades and am proud to say I now know how to do it in my RV. I had done some in 3rd gear, but 2nd gear is better for some of these steeper grades. Another learning experience and another hurdle accomplished. It was pretty amazing to me to watch the big 5th wheelers and Class A’s fly by me on those grades and they braked almost the whole way down. That is exactly what I did not want to do, was use by brakes.  The road continues to provide entertainment as my friend says, this is no ordinary road. We went thru several mountain ranges, around and up and down thru all these different mountains. A few more steep grades too, but just a beautiful, beautiful trip.  Saw 1 red fox, 1 ptarmigan and 1 grizzly bear and a ton of grizzly bear scat on the north side of Sitkrine Canyon as we descended.

We traveled thru several logging areas. I am most curious why the loggers put the logs up into giant teepee shaped piles. Purpose?  I can’t figure this out. Its also interesting why some areas are clear cut and others are not.  Of all the variety of friends I have, I do not know anyone that has logged to ask them about this.  If I can keep internet long enough to look, I shall.  Its really quite interesting to see.

My friend traveling with me needed to do laundry, so we stopped last night at Bell 2, a first class lodge and RV park. Some of the lodge buildings have thatched roofs. This lodge is known for a pitstop for heli-skiing. Winter pictures are stunning! Will try to get a better picture and post it here on this section when I can upload. Its cost $33/night and to get wi-fi was $20/night. I’m definitely not impressed with the cost of wi-fi or what it gave me. The $33 was for only 15 amp electric and water. No Sani-dump on site.  The nearest sani-dump is several hours away down in New Hazelton at their visitor center on Hwy 16 (Yellowhead Highway). We will reach highway 16 tomorrow.

So all is well out here in beautiful British Columbia!!!

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