Mile 710 Alaskan Hwy to Dease Lake

Before I write about today, I wanted to tell you of a sighting we had yesterday. We came around a curve and there stood a mighty big cat. My first impression was a lynx, but I now know we witnessed a mountain lion. Oh my goodness! As soon as I was able to slow and to try to take a picture – he/she was gone. It just loped off. Very healthy big cat!

Well, I thought I was closer to Hwy 37 when we left this morning, alas I miscalculated the km/miles. Not a problem.  But glad I topped off before we left, as I still haven’t found a gas station. I understand there is one in Dease Lake and we are still about 6 clicks from there. The Alaska Hwy is a good highway and when we turned off onto Hwy 37 it was immediately clear it was a country road. The first section of the road took up thru a huge forest fire from last year. It was quite the education where it burned real hot, where it skipped, singed or what-have-you. The fireweed is abundant thru out the burned areas and its the only thing growing. All the blossoms on the fireweed are at the top of the plant, so its a vivid black and fuchsia sensation of mother nature. The road was a constant up and down and around and thru for miles.  Had to take it slow as there were no shoulders, no markings on the road itself and meeting another was a tad hairy. But I loved this slower pace.  Had time to just see the changing terrain.

Then we got out of the burn area, the road widen and was a whole other world of driving. Stunning vistas of mountains, forests and lakes – crystal clear lakes. Wow! It was awesome driving this stretch of road.  And again, as we moved south along Highway 37 we climbed into mountain passes and descended out mountain passes. Lakes galore, some steep grades but more switch backs. It was all quite doable. And then we saw a bad accident involving a motorhome hauling a toy hauler, that crashed off the road into a lake. It was hard to tell what happened, but many kilometers later saw an ambulance with lights and sirens speeding that way, then the Canadian Mounties. So that wreck must have just happened right before we came upon it. In this area, it takes awhile for emergency crews to get to a scene of an accident. Hope no lives lost.

I was impressed with how many RV’s are on the road, heading South. It was neat having one ahead of us – so we could see where the road dipped or changed.  Coming up in the next kilometer or so is a turn off to a road called Telegraph Creek Road… it has 18-20 percent grades, severe switch backs, no shoulders and all gravel… I would love to try that in my car sometime, but I won’t do it in my RV.

So we have stopped for the night along Dease Lake, north of Dease Lake Town by 6 kilometers. No services and quiet here – but its got a litter barrel.  😉  Thought about stopping for a couple of nights, but after reading the Milepost, we can get gas and water in Dease Lake Town and a trucker told us they are open, unlike previously places we passed thru that were not open. Alas, I knew to keep my gas tank topped off along this road and knew we could go great lengths without services, but will be happy to get a full tank once again.

So this has been an incredible road trip so far.  In reading the Milepost, I know I got some steep stretches coming up for the next 60+ miles and we will enter another mountain range. Will cross another metal grid bridge (I hate them) and we will be in the Grand Canyon area of British Columbia. Should be gorgeous, but no idea if I will have services.  My friend figured out how to read the Milepost today and helped keep me alert of things approaching.  Lots to see today!  So will close for now.

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