Haines to Mile 710 on Alaska Hwy

Surprise! I got wi-fi here in Canada! Was told the only place to get it was in the restaurant at Rancheria Motel & RV ($20 with electric). Not true. But I won’t be long, just wanted to let friends and family know where I am. Rancheria campground is right before the turn off to Highway 37, which will take me down the Cassiar Highway.

Our trip out of Haines on the ferry was a good trip for spotting humpback whales. It was raining and foggy the whole trip, got to even hear the fog horn blown once, as we approached Skagway. Boy, as we approached Skagway, our little old ferry slipped in between 4 cruise ships in port in pea soup fog – I was impressed. They did a fabulous job.

A good friend of mine was traveling thru Skagway, with some Japanese students. We had texted each other in hopes we could meet up, but once I was in Skagway, my calls to her went to a dead service, tried to text and the lag time just flat out exhausted the time I had, as they had a glass blowing showing by the time I got thru the mass of people. So texted her back for mental hugs and promptly headed out of Skagway. Its a 11% grade out of Skagway with the Canadian border crossing in the midst of that climb. We went in and out of clouds, but got the see plenty changes of the terrain as we moved up. Beautiful country, that’s for sure.

We passed thru customs without any issues and we were off to Canada and SUNSHINE!!!  Just loved the fact we found the sun.  I had forgotten how beautiful this area was, as we had driven this route back in the 1990’s.  Tons of huge lakes, little ponds, tall mountains, deep valleys, just gorgeous views.  We stopped for the night at Tagish Lake Provincial Park ($12 Canadian dollars/night).  Mosquito-ville that’s for sure, but quiet camping for the night.  We have moved on today with a goal to stop early and right before our turn-off of the Alaska Highway onto Highway 37. So may move out tomorrow or may stick. My friends slept 90% of today and is still sleeping. So will close for now

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