Tonight, it has been wonderful listening to the fog horns. One long blast followed by two short blasts, different tones from every ship. Absolutely love this!  It has been years upon years since I’ve heard the fog horns. And…. drumroll…. Finally… I could load some pictures onto my blog. So Enjoy!
This is the Disney Cruise Ship with Mickey Mouse Smoke Stacks
coming out of the canal from Skagway. A beautiful ship!
This is near Chilkat State Park, near Haines, AK, looking back toward Haines
Chilkat State Park, looking across Chilkat river inlet at Rainbow Glacier, a hung glacier, giant waterfall beneath it. Actually there were 3, but with naked eye only one is visible.

SouthEast State Fair, Haines
Knitted dissected frog!
Lousy picture, but just before trees is a grizzly sow and 3 cubs eating grasses
taken between Kulane Lake and Haines Junction

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