Almost too busy…

My head is spinning with last minute details, such as getting address changes done. This shouldn’t be so difficult, but it sure is dragging along slowly.  Had another friend & her family come thru from Anchorage, an unexpected pleasure. And saw another Lazy Daze yesterday & today.  But not connecting with whoever it is.  Yesterday, I defrosted my freezer and cleaned out the fridge. This was more helpful than I expected, as I re-arranged and had more room than I thought – so went grocery shopping to fill it up. Now am ready for the trip. Speaking of which, my friend flies into Alaska tomorrow. She will be staying in Juneau for the night and will take the ferry on Tuesday to come on up to Haines. Its her first time to our beautiful State.

I know I said I couldn’t fit my tapestry loom in…but the more I thought about it, I just couldn’t leave it behind. So figured out how, got it in and padded… now I just need yarn!  Of course, my yarn for this is in storage, as it was inadvertently packed. ;-(  So will get it warped up, then see if I can’t get my hand on some yarn. I don’t anticipate getting any of this done until after October at the earliest.

I think everything has its home, as all is put away for the trip, but will find out tomorrow when I go get gas and refill the propane, if everything stays in its place. A good test. Then the last thing before my friend gets here is to sweep the floors and we will be ready to go on Wednesday

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