August is here!  Am I ready to hit the road? No, not quite. As with any trip, there are always last minute items. This is no different really, but it just seems different.   But I am steadily working thru the list.

One big item was to get my ears lowered, as my Dad use to say. I’m very pleased with the results. Managed to swipe a piece of board from a friend, as a new top for my plastic bin I have between the rear sofas. It needed some stabilization before it totally caved in with cats on it. So this evening will dig out the duck tape and the rubberized shelf liner and cover up the splintered edges and hopefully make it less slippery.  Found an oven liner, that I will cut out 3 holes for the burners and use this on my cooktop. These stoves are a PITA to clean.  So will try it, but if it makes too much noise going down the highway, will just go without the liner. Time will tell on that one.  And I was gleefully happy to get my mail today.  Who would have thought I’d get excited about a little o’ vacuum cleaner? Well, I am. My 1.5 gal All-around Shop vac came.  And its small enough to store on the rig. This is an awesome little machine – cats weren’t too excited tho, they ran to the upper bunk and buried themselves under the covers. They usually run and hide when my other wee vacuum (a step above a dust buster) was turned on, but with this Shop Vac, straight away to the bed over the cab.  They will just have to learn to adjust on this, as it really works well.

One of the local grocery stores had cases of fresh fruit out today. Oh I was so tempted to buy alot, the prices were awesome, quality was wonderful as well. But alas… my dehydrator is in storage, I don’t have a freezer anymore and well… my RV fridge is way too small to get much. But I picked up one cantaloupe, bag of bing cherries, 2 cucumbers (love these things) to tie me over.  Apparently they do this every summer.  I will definitely keep tabs on this in future.  It was like going to a Farmer’s market. Fun helping Cheri buy…

So that’s about it for now.  Have a great day!

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