Last minute details

There’s always something.  I figured I had to do some calls yesterday, to straighten out surgical bills with hospital as well as office, wrong logo on checks, figuring out why deductions hadn’t been met, all kinds of stuff. By mid-afternoon, I was, quite frankly, fed up with waiting on call backs. It was getting later and later in the day and I folded up all the paperwork, expecting to have to start all over today. Well, I got both calls I was waiting for around 7pm. Wow! Someone is working some long hours.  But that chore is done…

Next, I’ve gone thru the contents of my car – deciding what stays and what goes.  And reorganized all that. I’ve added a few things from the RV too that I really don’t have room for and will just have to do without, such as my printer. Its a wireless kind, which would be great, but alas… it is too big. And I will add a bucket or two of dry goods, as I sure don’t need to carry all that. That kind of stuff will be better suited to freeze and maintain its quality. I will take small ziploc jars, but when gone won’t replenish. I’ve pulled out my spinning wheel and the basket of tools/fiber to use, but decided to leave my tapestry looms in the car for this trip. I may regret that decision later, but I just can’t take it all. I’m more incline to chat with folks while spinning, than when I’m weaving. The spinning wheel doesn’t fit underneath in a storage spot, so will just have to deal with it inside. It is not heavy, so that is good.  So that’s it on that.
I have choices within my rig where to sleep, but just recently started sleeping in the bed over the cab. You know, there is nothing lady like climbing into that bed…  But finally have room to sleep. The cats aren’t all on top of me or necessarily next to me – we all have room, which is nice.  So will see how long I last up here.  It is warmer than the other space, but warmer will not be a criteria I need once I am in the lower 48.
My friend that is traveling with me, is due to arrive on the 7th. So need to make room for her stuff, will work on that tomorrow. Today is my last day with Two Lazy Bones… Steve and Jiggs, its been quite an education and a ton of helpful insights about the Lazy Daze RV, besides discovering some good restaurants in town. Steve, in his travels, seeks out great food places. He remembers all of them by name, location, etc. And I’m delighted that I could add to his list of great places to eat. He’s rather fond of the Palmer Hotel, he even latched onto the Noisy Goose – both in Palmer. Here in Haines, not sure of his favorites, but the Lighthouse “Captain’s Platter” was a hit and… darn, was it the Bamboo Room for the other. I’m not sure.  He’s hitting the road tomorrow, he’s heading to his stick home in CA. He’s been in Alaska for a few months.  He’s one of several folks I had corresponded with on the Lazy Daze mailing list long before I had a chance to meet.  
This summer has been a wonderful opportunity to meet Lazy Daze folks traveling in Alaska, as I’ve net 7 of them so far. Heading South for the winter, I am really jazzed to get the opportunity to meet so many more of them and to learn from each of them about my rig. Have no idea if I will run into any of these 7 again, but its been a delightful learning experience.

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