Having fun!

Oooh time is flying by when one is having fun! Of course, this morning I have tried twice to get the page loaded so I could even start to type an entry. So that tells me I still can’t load my images to the blog. One day, I will have a good, strong connection.

So many things have evolved, changed or altered – can’t begin to bring you up-to-date, but will say, I’m heading out on August 8th to drive South.  A long time friend, who was coming for a visit at this timeframe, wants to drive out with me. So this prompted me to leave about 3 weeks earlier than originally planned, but this is A-OK. We will have a fabulous trip.

In the meantime, I have found storage for my car and the contents of the car.  I wish I could have sold the car, as I have a potential buyer, but it will have to wait until I get back in Spring.  And I double checked to see if anything had yet come up on the Village. A surprise to me to meet up with a someone who just moved into the Village and they said they were on the list for 2 years. I suspected it might be that way… but darn…

Last Friday, got lured to Haines State Fair… all Fair’s in AK get called “State Fairs” for some reason.. Nonetheless, I got in free caused I worked the Fair. I could have woven on their big Macomber Loom, but I decided to spin instead. I can talk and spin, but I can’t weave and talk. Laughing at myself on that one.  Met a ton of people, even some folks that I’ve known for years but never actually had a face-to-face before. What fun!  Had a blast doing this demo. After that stint, Cheri & I went cruising to see what else was provided at the Fair.  Ate some fabulous food at the Fair – who would have thought you could find this quality at the Fair. Normally it’s Fair junk food.  After meeting more people, we sat down to enjoy some live Reggae music. It was fun watching the people dance to the beat, lots of heads bobbing to the beat as well.   The previous night from the RV campground, I listened to some amazing music, which I discovered was from Southeastern Talent Show.  Its not an extra fee to hear the music at this Fair, so all can enjoy and enjoy we did.

Decided to not go on Saturday, but it was impressive to me to see the mass of people streaming into the Fairgrounds.  Apparently this Fair is a big draw on folks from up and down the Inside Passage as well as several points in Canada. They walked in mass in every shade of color, style of clothing, strollers galore, young couples arm in arm, old folks with walkers, wheelchair bound folks, families and friends.  Loved watching all this from outside of the Fairgrounds. Can’t imagine…well maybe I can imagine how it was at the Fair today.  Today, the campground is emptying out of all the apparent Fair goers, as the Fair only last 4 days. 4 magnificent days, in my opinion.

Yesterday, went to the Bald Eagle Foundation… they truly have a wonderful museum-like displays with opportunities to meet the many raptor birds, not just eagles. All birds are rescued birds from around the State. Its impossible for them to returned to the wild.  Great educational foundation.  When I am here for more than a summer, I may be volunteering here to learn how to take care of the birds. Truly a unique opportunity.

Well.. I just got a knock at the door… didn’t realize the time. So will close and go get a shower to get presentable to the world. How come my hair looks like straw in the morning – sticking out at all odd angles?  Have a great day, as I will!

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