Visitors and to-do lists

Yesterday, I took a day off after a few days of visitors.  My car arrived for one, Julie had a great road trip, then I showed her around Haines, Mud Bay, Chilkat Park and Chilkoot area, met with friends for lunch, out to dinner with more friends and tried to view bears. The last half hour before she had to board the ferry, we saw a bear feasting on salmon. She got out of car and tried to get the best shot. I was blocking traffic, of course… and had to yell at her, as I was being pushed along by the traffic, to come on. She got some bear pictures, but it was hard to see while I was driving. Got her to the ferry in the nick of time.  Wish we would have had more time, but she will just have to come back again.

Prior to her arrival, I spent a few hours with another Lazy Daze couple. Got educated on amps x volts = watts, or attempted to understand this.  I’m trying to understand if I need an inverter to keep my computer charged, etc. Do I want a little inverter or should I aim for an in-house inverter?  I will need to do a whole lot more reading, and probably asking more questions too. I won’t always have access to electricity and I want to utilize my solar panels to the max that I can. I wasn’t even sure I was doing ok with them or if I needed to upgrade them some day. Apparently, I’m doing ok right now. The weather (clouds, rain) for days on end played havoc in keeping the solar charged, so I was asking, but they are doing what they are suppose to do apparently.

And I learned of some extra goodies I can add to my rig, such as a pantry – nice and sturdy! And then there’s a little thermometer which I will aim to get first, I think. It will tell me the precise temperature of the water heater, then I can heat the water to “my” temperature and I don’t need to juggle cold and hot faucet getting the right temp – no wasted water as well.  There are other things I learned, but will have to wait for those or learn how to do them. It may be the latter, which is a-ok with me.

Today was laundry day and spending time with John, Ed & Cheri. The boys left to go fishing eventually, so it was just Cheri & I after they left. Nice day.

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