Options to consider..

Well, life offers different twists and turns, different paths, different thought processes and options if we just sit back and listen.  I don’t know how this will all work out at the moment, but remember yesterday when I said I got ferry reservations?  Well… I did not consider the PFD in all of this. I can not be out of Alaska more than 180 consecutive days or I will lose it. So if I wait until November to leave – I would save 50% off the entire round trip ferry ticket, and coming home in April would squeak me in under the 180 day mark. Except this is Alaska folks. I don’t have a stick home to wait this time out before leaving. I am living in my RV and in Alaska dump stations & water are turned off in late September. I won’t be able to get water and/or to dump my tanks. Far as that’s concern, winter is literally knocking at the door by then. Even with a little portable heater (where am I to get electricity?) it will be hard fetched to stay warm and prevent the pipes from freezing.  So… what’s a girl to do?

Well, I started asking lots of questions, as I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that’s been stuck in this situation. The first suggestion, was to get someone to come up and drive out with me. The 2nd idea was to get the rig & myself further down the Inside Passage to wait for November to arrive. But that negates the deal I have from the ferry system, though I will not rule that out at the moment. One idea was to take ferry to Prince Rupert then drive out, but if I wait for November I will run into winter storms in mountains. Another idea was to just go ahead and leave, fly back mid-winter or so to break up the 180 days. Another idea is to join others driving out and go with them… and no matter how this works, its going to cost me. I told a friend in the lower 48 – give me suggestions on where I can hibernate, not travel, to rebuild my funds.  That can’t be too much to ask for is it?

So the saga continues… today I am doing some light housekeeping, making a few calls to storage places (got to store by car), study maps, and I won’t make any major decisions today, will just scout out the possible options in details.  And look for other options.. something will work out, but heck if I know how at the moment.

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