Lazy Day…in Haines

Sunshine, beautiful, warm, embracing sunshine! A rarity this summer in Alaska. Well its out and I’ve been outside with it.  Internet has been slow last couple of days, but figured out why today. A huge cruise ship was in and I thought they only got one cruise ship a week. I guess this happens, its just not the norm.

Spent a better part of the day just watching people. Cruise ship people, town people, RV people, fisherman people.  Do you know how utterly relaxing this is to do?  Wow! And such entertainment too.  When I was not watching people, I was watching the eagles soar, dive, get there fish and repeat.  It really was a wonderful way to spend the day.

Since I’m not driving out, I have booked reservations on the ferry. I had to cancel two different events in September and the Balloon Festival in October to afford to make round trip tickets on the ferry. It is what it is this year and I just have to deal with it.

I still can’t upload photos on this blog… too slow of a connection. Still got a bunch from our Denali trip to load too and some from today. It is what it is…

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